Borosilicate PYREX® vs Soda-Lime pyrex®

Do you know which is safer?

Did you know Corning has stopped making Borosilicate PYREX cookware?

Corning has licensed out the use of their PYREX® (upper case lettering) and pyrex® (lower case lettering) logos to 2 different companies. They are not the same products!

  • In the past Corning made PYREX (upper case) out of Borosilicate Glass
  • In America pyrex (lower case) is now made of Soda-Lime Glass
  • In France PYREX® is STILL made of Borosilicate Glass
  • French Borosilicate PYREX has a much higher resistance to Thermal Shock
  • If the logo is in upper case lettering it is the safer Borosilicate Glass now made in France or it is vintage Corning made Borosilicate Glass.


Borosilicate PYREX Glass has excellent thermal shock resistance. It does not expand or contract like ordinary Soda-Lime glass does when exposed to rapid changes in heat or cold. Unfortunately when Corning, Inc. sold off the PYREX® trademark it became pyrex® in America and the new company started using Soda-Lime Glass instead of Borosilicate Glass. The company that bought the PYREX® trademark for European use continues to make Borosilicate Glass PYREX.

 **PYREX® items with CAPITAL LETTERS in the logo are safer**

Corning used a logo with capital letters and so does the French company manufacturing PYREX with Borosilicate Glass. The American company making pyrex® (lower case letters) makes their product from Soda-Lime glass.

Please watch the this Consumer Reports video about exploding American made pyrex®