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Love, Laugh and Cook Safely.

Our Story 

The Meal

One night when my family was sitting around a friend’s kitchen table enjoying one of the best lasagnas I’ve ever had, and a cold Iced Tea, my mom made a passing comment about how she was almost maimed the last time she brewed Iced Tea.


The Iced Tea

She had poured hot tea over ice into a glass pitcher and it had shattered into tons of small glass shards. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt, but she told me she now does the same thing into an old vintage 4-cup Pyrex measuring glass.


The Old Pyrex

She explained that the PYREX of yesteryear was made of “some special glass that they don’t use anymore."


The Gift Idea

I decided I was going to buy my Mom some of the “old special glass” for Christmas and went to work on the internet finding out what it was ... Borosilicate Glass.



After many frustrating hours trying to order the Pyrex made in France of Borosilicate Glass, with an American credit card and US mailing address, I went to bed frustrated.


A Business is Born

The next morning I realized I was onto something, importing French Pyrex and sourcing American made Borosilicate Glass cookware.


Our Promise

We know we don't sell the cheapest product out there, but if you put your trust in us we will do everything in our power to delight you and deliver you the safest, highest quality Borosilicate Glassware that your family can safely enjoy for many years to come.


Love, Laugh and Cook Safely.